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Groceries are a major expense in my family. We are a small family of 3 but we are big eaters. We’re Texans so go fig, hehe. Anyway, I made this small change and save around $200 (usually more) on my groceries every single month. I really don’t know why I didn’t think about this soon. Here it is..

Saving Money on Groceries Every Month

Before I dive into my savings strategy, there are even more ways you can save on your food expenses.

  • Get apps
  • Get organized
  • Make a list

Getting Apps

These grocery apps are my favorite. They let you do a myriad of things from scouting out local sales to scanning your receipt for cash back.


This isn’t necessarily for groceries but it is for food. Dosh gives you cash back for shopping at local Dosh partners in your area.

For me, this means my local Chinese take out place (it’s a big national chain, by the way) earns me cash out every time I use my Dosh-linked card to buy Chinese from there.

How it works?
You join for free, link your spending cards (your debit and credit cards you shop with) and when you buy from a Dosh partner using one of those linked cards, you get cash back applied to your Dosh account AUTOMATICALLY!

Yep, on autopilot. You stack up that cash until you hit $25 and then you can withdraw to your bank account, to PayPal, in the form of gift cards, and more.

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One of my favorite apps!  They work on retail establishments too, gas stations, and more.

Some other favorites to help me save include Ibotta and Ebates.

Ibotta is an app you download for free on your phone. This is the receipt-scanning one I mentioned above. It’s so fun and you get cash back to your Ibotta account right away. Grab your free $10 when you register to Ibotta with my link.


Ebates works kind of like Dosh, except there’s no card linking. You can online shop through the Ebates portal or install their browser extension on your computer and when you land on an Ebates partner site, you can claim your cash back. The last cash back offer I got from Ebates was from GoDaddy, just to give you an idea.

Getting Organized

This means getting yourself together. Yep, I said it. If you are organized, you’re gonna save more money.
This means, before heading to the grocery store, going through your kitchen and pantry and making a list of what you’ve run out of and what you need.

This also means trying meal prepping.

Our family makes a list of 4-5 meals we will prepare for the week. Then we list all the ingredients and this makes up the bulk of our grocery list. The other list things include school lunch items for our son, snacks, drinks, and other items.

Leading to the last save money idea: making a list

Making a List

Go to the grocery store WITH A LIST!

I used to NOT do this and what a big mistake. Not only did this mean I spent DOUBLE the time in the grocery store ( I HATE grocery shopping by the way, yikes) but I also overspent.

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I used to wander the aisles repeatedly to “get inspiration” on what to cook for the week.

Big mistake.

Can you tell I hate grocery shopping?

I mean, who does this? Really?

Now, I never go shopping for groceries without a list.

Now, how I save the big $200 per Month

I Save $200/Month on Groceries Doing ThisThis is how I do it: I shop less.

Ok, let me explain. I don’t shop for less food, I shop less often.

Before, I used to do weekly grocery trips. I always ended up getting less than I needed, which meant in between trips to the grocery store prior to my next weekly trip.

I was a disorganized mess.

Now what I do is shop twice a month.

These are bigger shops, I get enough food for around 2-2.5 weeks and I never run out. This saves me SO MUCH MONEY because I no longer make inbetween trips. Those trips were around $30 to $40 each trip and I’d made about 5 to 8 of those trips every month.

That’s the big secret.

It’s such a no brainer. I wish I had done this years ago.

Final Thoughts

There you go! I hope you found this helpful. How often do you go grocery shopping?

I Save $200/Month on Groceries Doing This