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Genius Save Money Ideas for Vacation Prep

Thinking you can't vacation because of savings? Think again. Here are some genius save money ideas for vacation. Check it out! save money ideas | saving money | money saving | Abeautifulbudget.comInterested in some real save money ideas for your upcoming vacation and travel?  Vacation is something I think everybody should indulge in, if possible. It provides so much benefit, getting away, escaping life for a real vacation, in every sense of the word. Unplugging, relaxing, having fun, recharging, then heading back to real life rested and ready to take on the rest of the year!  Vacation is not within reach for many. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Keep reading while we show you how to vacation prep and plan well, to help you get the most bang for your buck and avoid breaking the bank for vacation.

The Fun of Vacation Planning

Is vacation planning fun? It can be.  Prior to taking your vacay, look at the big picture. Figure out who much it’s going to cost, what’s required to save, how can you trim your costs, and more.  You’re in the planning stage.

If you want to experience an amazing vacation for cheap, here are some vacation travel tips to help:

Travel Domestically

Domestic travel! Way cheaper than international travel of course.  Think about all the costs of international travel:

  • Passports
  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • Transportation
  • Food

It’s all more expensive if you travel abroad. Plus, international vacation trips are long. If you visit Europe, you aren’t going for a weekend usually, you’re going for a week.  Why? Traveling across the world is an experience. Make the most of it by having more time to explore the area and do more. Who knows when or if you will be able to visit again, right?

And, your flight is going to be pricier. You are traveling further and you’ll have to take a flight, most likely, whereas with domestic travel, there are so many cheaper transport options in addition to flying, like taking a train, bus, driving yourself, etc.

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For Those That Do Take An International Vacation

If you do plan to vacation abroad, take a look at these best practices to help keep your expenses down:

  • Book travel in advance
  • Travel to destinations with favorable exchange rates
  • Plan well
  • Be organized
  • Consider student housing, capsule hotels, or hostels

Setting Up A Vacation Account

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Your vacation account is a bank account you open for the specific reason of saving for vacation. This can be a checking or savings account and your goal should be to save as much and as often as you can, making it easy for you to save for your vacation.

How to do it?

Go to your bank of choice then, open your vacation account.

Pro Tip: Add direct deposit to your vacation fund so you can start saving automatically.

This way you can save painlessly with very little maintenance required. You can set aside $100 per paycheck or any amount you want and watch your vacation fund grow!

Set Price Alerts

Often forgotten, setting price alerts is one of the top ways to save money and get the best deal when booking your flight and hotel.

Set up alerts just for you so when a price drops within your range, you’ll get an alert.

This is an excellent way to stay abreast of price changes and get exactly the deal that you want!

Booking engines with price alerts:

Lower Your Food Bill

Cutting back on food expenses can be difficult. I mean, it’s food.  You justify spending more, because you have to eat, but there are ways to save money on food without feeling deprived.

Other expenses are kind of impossible to cut, at least right away, like rent but you have some flexibility with your food budget.  Take a look at these ideas:

  • Shopping with a list
  • Shop the bargains (scout sales in your area)
  • Use apps to save money (Dosh saves me $5 every time I order take out from my favorite local restaurant)
  • Shop in season (fruits and veggies in season)
  • Buy in bulk
  • Visit farmer’s markets
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Try out one or more of these money-saving strategies to help lower your food expense.

Monetize Your Car

Monetize your car!

You can make extra money in your spare time bussing around people in your car, with Uber.

You can also rent out your car, earning an extra $1,200 with Hyrecar.

Monetize Your Place

Monetize your place!

Put your home to work for you by renting out your entire home or rooms for extra money. AirBNB or Homeaway are great options to help you make money.

AirBNB has become so popular, many hosts do short term rentals as their main source of living.  You’ll find a lot of support among the AirBNB community, including tons of hosts on social platforms like Facebook groups, Reddit, and more.

Starting a Side Hustle

save money ideas for vacation

Increasing your income with a side hustle is a good way to help you save faster because of the additional income you’ll be receiving from your hustle. Here are some ways to earn extra money:

  • Take online surveys
  • Take on a second job
  • Overtime at work

Lower Your Housing Expenses

It can be tough to lower your housing expenses. Short of moving or getting roommates, there isn’t a ton you can do to immediately lower your housing payment.  If you aren’t successful negotiating a lower payment with your landlord or mortgage bank, try these tactics:

  • Downsize
  • Get roommates
  • Move back in with your parents

Downsizing means getting a smaller place usually. You will be living in a more economical place which may be smaller and have less amenities. It may take some getting used to but think of it as a temporary change which helps you move toward the big picture.  This can help you save for vacation and boost your savings fund super quick!

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Next, don’t roll your eyes at getting roommates. It can actually be a lot of fun. Moving in with family, friends, or making new friends with roommates you don’t know can help you save uber-fast.  Not only will you get help splitting the monthly housing payment but your utilities and management fees will likely be lower too!

Move back in with your parents is something a lot of people do.  In some cultures it’s actually tradition to live with parents until you get married.  It’s not that bad and you might even like having your parents around again.  Home cooked meals and extra help around the house are some perks you might enjoy.

Selling Your Stuff

Go through your stuff to sell it. Do a Spring cleaning, make a pile and sell off those goods. Here’s how you can do it!

  • Consignment store
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Online store
  • Buy/sell Facebook groups
  • Craigslist

You can even do a garage sale!

Find Awesome Deals for your Getaway

Head to a deal site like Groupon to find an incredible vacation deal. I recently saw a full-ride vacation to Italy for 2 for under $2K for 5 days!

Great deals are out there, you just have to find them.

You can find some amazing discounts and lock in an affordable price for travel and accommodation in advance, taking the worry out of finding a good price close to your vacation start time.

Travel Tips + Best Practices

You will hit your vacation savings goal and once you do, don’t miss out on these top tips to save even further!

  • Book direct with the airline for more savings
  • Avoid peak travel times
  • Avoid airport parking and get an Uber or have a friend drive you to the airport
  • Book your trip as far in advance as possible

Final Thoughts

Did these tips give you some ideas?  Vacation can be within reach.

Have you tried other tips to help you save?

Share down below!

Thinking you can't vacation because of savings? Think again. Here are some genius save money ideas for vacation. Check it out! save money ideas | saving money | money saving | Abeautifulbudget.com