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8 EXTREME MONEY SAVING TIPS to help you save money fast | Abeautifulbudget.comYou want to save money but are you willing to go to the extreme to do so?  Some people will save money at all costs, literally.  If you want to learn about some extreme money savings tips, keep reading for our round up of 8 frugal ideas.

1. Eat Like a College Student

Do you remember your college days?  Poor college students, literally.

What were some things you did to survive college?

  • Thrive on coffee all day
  • Ramen dinners
  • Take advantage of student discounts like crazy

If you want to save money to the extreme, revisit those days.

Many people do this.

Making lifestyle changes can pay off big.

Here are some more wild, extreme ways that college kids eat cheap:

  • No eating out
  • Only drinking water
  • Eating once a day
  • Eat from the dumpster
  • Get discounts (or free) on unsold food from local restaurants with apps like the GoMkt app

2. Getting Your Hair Cut at Home

Cutting your hair at home can save so much money and it can be pretty fun.

A men’s haircut can be around $20/week.  It adds up quick. And, it’s even more for women’s hair cuts or hair appointments.

Investing in some hair tools for personal grooming can help save a ton.

Some folks have gone really far with this one, even shaving their head (men and women) to keep grooming costs down.

Or, never cut it and just grow it out.

3. Don’t Wash Off Your Makeup


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The thought of not washing off caked on makeup can make your stomach crawl but it’s actually a money saving strategy practiced by women.

Hear me out, ok?

Makeup is expensive. Really expensive. Wearing everyday is a necessity for a lot of people. Make it last and don’t wash your money down the drain by keeping it on.

It might sound weird but if you’re up for this one, try it and see how much money you can save.

4. Repair and Reuse

Repair and reuse your clothes, don’t throw them out, ever.

  • Holes in socks
  • Ripped leggings or pants
  • Buttons popping off your coat
  • Gaining a little weight and “outgrowing” your jeans

Repair those clothes by sewing ripped clothes, sew buttons on, and stretch your garments a bit further for the sake of saving money.

5. Lower Your Standards on Your Way of Living

Change your standard of living by doing these things..

  • Live in a tiny house
  • Enlist roommates
  • Turn off your cable
  • Don’t use your A/C, ever

These changes sound extreme, because they are, but keep in mind, you won’t be living this way forever. Always keep the end goal in mind: saving, saving, saving.

6. Move back in with Family

Living with family saves money big time.

Think about it. First, living with others is cheaper anyway then, if you move back in with family, they might not even make you pay rent or utilities! Save on the biggest monthly expense for most, and move in with family to save money rapidly.

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7. Say NO to Throw-Aways

No disposables which means, no paper towels, tissue, or toilet paper?

How do you go with no toilet paper?

Here are some ways to live well without throw aways.

8. Don’t Buy Convenience Foods

Convenience foods are pricey. Think about it.

Snack cakes, chips, and ready-made meals at your grocery store are much more expensive than whole foods.

There are conveniences everywhere, right under your nose:

  • Precut onions, fruit, and other produce
  • Meat in pieces, like boneless skinless chicken breast
  • Coffee pods
  • Canned goods

It makes you think, huh?

Buy whole foods and cook at home. Your wallet will thank you!

Final Thoughts

What embarrassing extreme measures have you taken to save money? Share your thoughts down below.